Leanyer School

The Leanyer School values underpin everything we do in our school environment and are engrained in our school community.


Take responsibility for always doing your best.


Ask questions of yourself and others and listen to new ideas.


Care for yourself, others and the environment.


Work and learn with others to achieve goals.

Building Brighter Futures

Innovation Statement

Leanyer School, in partnership with parents and community, will provide an education vital to students’ achievement as individuals and citizens in the 21st century. Our curriculum will emphasise creativity, collaboration, innovation and leadership. Students will be provided rich and diverse opportunities to develop the broad cultural understandings and skills in social harmony necessary to contribute as successful global citizens.

The Leanyer School values underpin everything we do in our school environment and are engrained in our school community.

All students, staff and parents have an overt shared commitment to the improvement of teaching and an openness to critique by peers and colleagues.

By focusing on our four school values we then achieve a sense of belonging and accountability which underpins our school culture.


All students, staff and parents work together in a mutually supportive way with a strong sense of belonging and pride in the school.


All students, staff and parents to operate consistently within our values and communicate regularly in a clear, timely and effective manner.



The Arts

Music and Visual Arts are integral parts of the fabric of our society. At Leanyer School we provide rigorous arts programs in leading our children to success at school; in society; in developing intelligence and success in life. The Arts play a major role in shaping our children as better students and help positively shape individual’s abilities and character.


Excellence in education is what we aim for each and every day. Our School Learning Community is based on the foundation of respectful partnerships; inclusivity; strong relationships and high expectations.


We provide a comprehensive, quality education which is stimulating, challenging and flexible in a welcoming and secure environment set on nature’s doorstep. Our school gardens, state of the art learning studios and whole school sustainability programs establish a setting that provides our children with the opportunity to learn the key steps in creating a sustainable future.


All children can excel, all children have talents and need the opportunity to experience individual success and be acknowledged for their efforts.

We take great pleasure in welcoming you to our school.

Primary School Times

Primary School Times

8.05 am - Walking in Music

10.15 am to 10.45 am - Recess Play

12.45 pm to 12.55 pm - Eating Time

12.55 pm to 1.25 pm - Lunch Play

2.30 pm - End of Day

Please ensure your children are in class ready to learn by 8.05 am.

Parents, please note Preschool play and eating times are different.

Preschool start and end times Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are the same. Wednesday finish time is 12.00 pm.

Let’s start building your future with us.

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