Food 4 Kids have taken over the running of the Canteen for Term 3 while our Canteen Manager, Cathy Hirst has a well deserved break.  Cathy has been at the Leanyer Canteen for many years, she is a familiar face and is passionate about providing delicious food and excellent service to our students. She has been ensuring that every lunch service is run smoothly and effectively as the Canteen Manager.


The Leanyer School Canteen has the ordering system, QuickCliq, to provide an easier and more efficient service to our families.

The online system is easy to use and provides you with the capacity to pay on purchase as well as add credit to your account via PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Debit or Pay As You Go.

Orders can be received up to 8.30 am on the day of ordering. You will also be able to order in advance.

Should you have any problems registering your details or in the use of the online order process, please feel free to contact the QuickCliq Support Line (1300 11 66 37)

Currently, parents are able to also order from the canteen in the usual way through the paper bags and cash.

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