Voluntary Parent Contributions

Voluntary Parent Contributions

Each year the School Board identify a key focus where the funds are to be expended. The focus for 2018 Voluntary Parent Contribution’s will be the purchasing of innovative IT and robotics. Voluntary Parent Contributions support the delivery of the best possible educational outcomes for the students through providing additional funds to improve the quality and range of school materials and resources which enrich the learning opportunities for our students.

Leanyer School Board has endorsed a voluntary contribution of $50 per year or $12.50 per term.

Parents should note that these contributions are not compulsory and that essential school materials and services will not be withheld from the children of parents who elect not to contribute. However, in the interests of fairness and in support of our efforts to secure the best outcomes for your children, we ask that parents make every effort to support the school through the payment of the voluntary contributions as recommended by the school board.

Why are the Voluntary Contributions important?

The contributions go towards offsetting costs in the following areas:

Information Technology: Computer resources, iPads, software licenses as well as the purchase of the latest technology and software.

Playground: the cost of installation and maintenance of play equipment, soft-fall and sporting equipment

Library: the purchase of resources and consumables in the library. Items such as fiction and non-fiction books, reference books etc. which need to be updates and replaced as they wear out or become superseded.

Photocopying, Printers and Laminating: the costs associated with producing learning resources.

Classroom consumables: such as materials for special programs and events. E.g. science, cooking and craft materials.

Quality resources: e.g. Flipcharts, models, games, science equipment, take home reading books

Medical: The cost of ambulance cover for each student and first aid supplies.

These items are not funded by the Commonwealth or NT Governments.

For this reason parents are asked to make a small contribution referred to as a Parent Voluntary Contribution.

The School Board has endorsed the following:

$50 per child per year or $12.50 per term;

Three or more children $120 per year. Payments can be made anytime of the year.

The Board encourages parents to make contributions of any value and are welcome anytime of the year.

Voluntary Preschool Contributions

School Board have endorsed $60 per term as an appropriate contribution for students attending preschool. Parents/guardians are able to pay in instalments if they wish.

It is possible to pay the Parent Voluntary Contribution in cash, cheque or card in the front office or online as follows:

Direct Deposit Payment:

BSB: 085 933

ACC: 518 560 221

Account Name: Leanyer School

Reference: Child’s Name

Other Costs

Other costs may eventuate during the school year such as educational excursions, performances etc. Parents will receive notification when these costs arise.


If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the Principal.


It is possible to pay the Parent Voluntary Contribution in instalments.

Direct Deposit Payment:

BSB: 085 933

ACC: 518 560 221

Account Name: Leanyer School

Reference: Childs Name

For further information

Please contact the school on 8927 4022 or email admin.leanyer@ntschools.net

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