Vouchers & Learning Packs

Vouchers & Learning Packs

Back to School Vouchers

At the commencement of the school year the NT Government provides parents with vouchers to the value of $150.00 for essential equipment such as books, stationery items and uniforms for Preschool and Primary School aged students. The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or used to pay Parent Voluntary Contributions, canteen bills, or non-essential items. The voucher can be redeemed at the school where children are enrolled.

Leanyer School Board has endorsed a Learning Pack. With the exception of preschool students, Learning Packs must be redeemed by the last day of Term 1 each year.

Learning Packs

Parents may purchase Learning Packs which provide students with the equipment they need to access the curriculum. If the Learning Pack is not redeemed with the voucher parents are requested to pay for this as soon as possible in order that children receive the appropriate materials they need for class work.

Like most other government schools, Leanyer School charge for a stationery pack/learning pack. Leanyer School Learning Packs for 2018 are $100 per student.

The following items are included in the Learning Packs:

  • Stationery Pack $50 – (All students)
  • 2 Whole school performances $20 – (All students)
  • 1 local area excursion $15 – (All students)

Plus one of the following items:

  • Preschool Encouragement to Read Award $15 – (Preschool only)
  • Victorian Cursive Handwriting Textbook $15 – (Transition to Year 5)
  • Year 6 Graduation $15 – (Year 6 only)

A year book will be provided free to the eldest child per family. Additional copies can be purchased at $20 each.

Other activities and items not included in the Learning Packs that may be redeemed with the Back To School Voucher are: School uniforms, swimming and school camps.

The Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments Fund

  • Upkeep and maintenance of buildings and grounds.
  • Capital improvements  – major works such as new buildings (on a submission basis)
  • Minor new works: work up to cost of $300 000 (on a submission basis)
  • Power and water costs
  • Staff salaries for teachers, administrative staff, support staff, cleaners and ground maintenance staff
  • Access to services such as guidance officers, special services officers, curriculum officers
  • Furniture, equipment and machinery
  • Computers and networking
  • Specialist facilities
  • Repairs
  • Access to specially funded programs such as literacy and numeracy support programs
  • Communication expenses
  • Cleaning costs
  • Basic learning resources e.g. counters, paper, paints
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